Solar Power is a reliable clean energy source. Solar energy provides increased efficiency, reduced energy rates, improved reliability, and is a lot healthier for the environment

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Claim The Federal Solar Tax Credit For Your Home.

The Federal Government offers rewarding incentives to homeowners who make the switch to solar. Get 30% of your system cost in tax credits, saving thousands. In addition, state and utility incentives help you save even more. And lastly, your electric bill will be much lower.

How Solar Saves

Financial Relief

Solar energy costs next to nothing. The only cost your incur is the installation.

Government Incentives

Currently, government incentives offer up to 50% off for installation through tax rebates.

Own Your Power

The cost of your power bill rises. Get prepaired by going solar & owning your own power.

Know Solar Incentives In Your State:

Georgia Power customers can sell overproduced energy back to the grid, using net metering. Other utility companies in Georgia also offer this solar perk.

Duke and Dominion customers also enjoy net metering, selling excess energy back to the grid. North Carolina offers some of the lowest interest solar programs in the country.

South Carolina homeowners can get up to 50% of their system cost covered, thanks to state rebates. Net metering is also available.

The Federal Solar Tax Credit covers 30% of a system cost for homeowners in Tennessee. Solar is also sales tax exempt.

The State of Illinois has pledged to be 25% renewable energy. Thanks to this pledge, homeowners can receive valuable credits who have solar.

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Equipment is working like a charm. Last Electric Bill was $32 from $250. I expect it to be lower next time. Solar USA took care of all paperwork. Thanks!

Abdul Momin Arju

“Good Company.. Good Service”. Overall we feel we got the best products we could get for the price we wanted to pay. I spoke to couple referrals and they said any time they had a question or service issue they responded fast

Paula Nielson