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How Therapy is an Essential Part of Treating Addiction

But that’s not how drug addiction works, said Dr. Robert Moran, a psychiatrist, addiction medicine specialist, treatment center owner and member of the local Addiction Recovery Task Force. Dependency is often accompanied by certain mood or mental health conditions like depression MASH About Us or anxiety. Along with your treatment for AUD, you may need to seek medical care for other complications you experience. Seeing someone you love live with addiction can be difficult to experience. The first step is to get educated about addiction and how everyone is impacted by it.

addiction treatment

An intervention includes trained professionals like a drug and alcohol counselor, therapist, and/or interventionist who can help guide a family through the preparation and execution. It occurs in a controlled setting (not in the person’s home or family home). Intervention works by confronting the specific issues and encouraging the person to seek treatment.

Your Guide to Substance Misuse Treatment Options

They just weren’t routinely tested for or identified until the last decade or so. But the platinum standard of addiction treatment involves more than those three pieces. The result is a comprehensive strategy for successful long-term recovery. The best plans are comprehensive, as addiction often affects many areas of life.

  • However, any activity or habit that becomes all-consuming and negatively impacts your daily functioning can cause significant mental, social and physical health issues, as well as financial issues in some cases.
  • Doctors cannot prescribe methadone to people to treat their opioid use disorder in their regular practices.
  • In some cases, our care teams prescribe medication to treat an underlying mental health condition, like depression or anxiety.
  • If you have opioid use disorder and you want methadone, you have to go to a specialty clinic called an opioid treatment program.

They can help rewire the brain in a variety of ways to put the person back in the driver’s seat. Addiction medicine physicians are specifically trained in a wide range of prevention, evaluation, and treatment methods for helping people with SUD and addiction. Highly skilled pediatric experts diagnose and treat all types of conditions in children.

A 360-Degree Approach to Addiction

But just because addiction runs in the family does not necessarily mean a person will develop one. Someone with an addition won’t stop their behavior, even if they recognize the problems the addiction is causing. In some cases, they’ll also display a lack of control, like using more than intended. Bear in mind that setting boundaries such as “I can no longer give you money if you continue to use drugs,” is not the same as threatening a person with punishment. While a person is free to say anything they want during an intervention, it’s best to be prepared with a plan to keep things positive and on track. Blaming, accusing, causing guilt, threatening, or arguing isn’t helpful.

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