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Solar Power: Clean Affordable Safe Technology


People pay their power bill month after month without hesitation. It is a must have cost. But is it really? The average person doesn’t realize the amount of money spent on their energy usage. For everyone it’s just a fact of life. Since the evolution of centralized electricity generation, power companies have continues to increase prices and it’s not going to get any better. In fact, over the next 10 years, the average homeowner may spend upwards of $20,000 on electricity. Electricity prices have increased 50% since 1990 and continue to increase.

Smart homeowners are increasingly looking to renewable energy and investing in a home solar system today – before the rebates and incentives dry up. If your average electric bill is $150/month, solar power can save you over $1,250 each year!

Home Solar Financing

The cost of an average solar electric system can cost between $5,0000-$30,000 after rebates and incentives. Solar is an investment and like any other financial instrument there is a return on your investment after time. But unlike the stock market, the payback on your solar investment is guaranteed! The sun shines everyday. If you consider the fact that you will spend over $60,000 over the next 20 years, getting solar now makes sense. However, for too many people, that still represents too large of an up front payment. The good news is that our solar partners offer a variety of great solar financing options to help offset some of initial solar installation costs. In most cases, the monthly payment on any financing arrangement will still be less than the amount of savings on your electric bill. Low interest rates are available for a solar home financing for as little to $0 down!

The Benefits of Solar

There are a number of benefits of solar power:

1.Probably the most significant is that you no longer are forced to pay that increasing electric bill. Solar can produce 70% or more of the power you need for daily life.

2.Current government rebates and incentives will often save you nearly 50% off the price of solar equipment and installation.

3.Installing a solar panel system will increase the value of your property.

4.Our financing partners have No Payment No Interest Up to 12 months with as little as $0 down.

5.Save the environment by reducing your carbon footprint.

Why Solar Sale USA?


Installing solar panels on your home is a substantial investment: make a payment now and get a big return in the future. To ensure a positive return on your solar investment and that your solar system operates effectively at all times, you need to hire the right solar installer who can guide you through solar installation process – from financing and finding the right rebates and incentives to installation and maintenance – and avoid typical mistakes when going solar.


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